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System administrator


We are looking for a System Administrator to maintain, upgrade and manage our software, hardware and networks. Resourcefulness is a necessary skill in this role. Our systems administrator should be able to diagnose and resolve problems quickly and have the ability to communicate with a team. His/Her goal will be to ensure that our technology infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently.


- Install and configure new servers and hardware
- Manage network servers and technology tools
- Monitor performances and maintain systems according to requirements
- Ensure security through access controls, backup and firewalls
- Upgrade systems with new releases and models
- Operate on hardware malfunctioning
- Provide support to all our customers


- Proven work experience as system administrator
- Familiarity with hardware, especially server
- Familiarity with various operating systems and platforms
- Thorough knowledge of Linux operating systems (especially CentOS/RHEL distributions)
- Management of the most popular services (such as Web server with dedicated languages, DNS, database, mail services)
- Networks TCP/IP management and troubleshooting
- Estensive command line expertise
- Ability to communicate and work in team

Preferential requirements

- Experience in PHP programming or developing software
- WHM and cPanel expertise
- Hypervisor management experiences or virtualization environment knowledge
- Windows server management
- Degree or Bachelor degree in Computer Sciences or relevant filed
- Good knowledge of the English language

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